Working weekends?

Mar 8, 2021

This weekend I read some very interesting social media posts about entrepreneurs working weekends. Now as a business owner who works hard on balance and boundaries, I do work some weekends but I don’t see it as a negative. My time is all my own and whether its Monday or Thursday or Sunday, when my time is balanced between work and family and personal time, why does the day matter?

Weekends were set up for employees, people who are committed to 8 hour plus days five days a week, is that you?

As an entrepreneur, sometimes my best ideas come to me after a hike with my family or time on the soccer filed with my son. There is not rule that says I need to wait until a Monday to act on those ideas.

My opinion and my advice to my fellow business owners and entrepreneurs is to treat each day as a stand alone. We do the best we can every day. We commit to ourselves, our family and our business.



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