Tighten your wallet, holiday shopping coming early

Oct 16, 2020

So it seems the American Marketing Machine has been activated starting with Prime Day for 2 days this week. What are your plans for spending this holiday season? How are we going to stay on our path to our goals? I am concerned, the machine is working hard to entice me to spend spend spend.

We need to stick together and keep reminding each other to stay focused on our money goals. Ignore the shiny objects. Now this doesn’t mean we cannot have a joyous holiday season and buy gifts for ourselves, family and friends. We just need to stay within the limits of our Money Jars. I hope by now you all have some cash set aside for holiday giving. Stick to that. Actively decide how you will spend it and stop there. Put your credit card in the freezer if you must to avoid being tempted.

What tips and tricks do you have to share with us to stay focused on our money goals?

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