Team Management – is it a gift ?

Jan 23, 2020

I have run my own business for almost 15 years and during that time my single biggest struggle has always been people management. I have tried taking courses, reading books and to no avail. I still want to SCREAM. Why is it that some business owners seem to find team and people management so easy ? I am starting to believe that this is a human gift or skill, much like being good with numbers or sales or being a detailed person. Many of these are human traits or skills that we work on and improve over time. Would people management fall into one of those human traits or gifts ?

Perhaps. I know I have tried to train myself but I still struggle. Yesterday I saw a team member had logged 30 hours on a client project that should have taken 4 hours or max 6. My optimist says……….oh he must have made a mistake on his clocking. Possible. Sadly on further investigation, no other work has been completed. Hmnn so what now HR and people management gurus ? Ask him what exactly he did for 30 hours ? I am just stumped and cannot see how this conversation goes well.

Any suggestions on how to do this well ?

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