Tax dealine is one week away

Oct 7, 2020

The 2019 individual income tax filing deadline is October 15th, just one week away. There is no further extension. This is it.

If you have not yet filed your 2019 taxes, I recommend you do that as soon as possible. Most traditional tax firms are probably at capacity this close to the deadline. I recommend you use one of the many online softwares like Taxcut to get something filed. The software is generally inexpensive and easy to use.

I also recommend you file something by the deadline, even if its not perfect. You have three years from your filing date to go back and amend as more information becomes available or you find an error. Also, after October 15th, late filing penalties accrue.

Not filing at all and missing the deadline outs you in a very precarious spot. The IRS does not like taxpayers who disregard their deadlines. Please file timely and at least avoid the late filing penalties!

Let us know if you need help with filing timely or understanding your choices.


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