Summer discounts?

Jun 4, 2021

Have you booked your summer travel plans? With all this pent up demand from a year of COVID restrictions, we are seeing huge increases in airfares, rental cars and hotel prices. How can we take a summer vacation and not incurr debt?

Let’s talk about some strategies to travel, enjoy the summer and use only the cash you have set aside for travel. I recommend choosing an “off the beaten path” location. Instead of choosing a popular summer resort spot, lets look for somewhere a little less popular where prices may be lower.

I also recommend using daily car rental services like Turo or Kyte rather than renting a car for your entire stay when you really dont need it every day.

And how about looking at your credit cards to see while miles or points you have accrued and use those for airtickets and hotels.

We can do this!  Lets think a little differently and find ways to enjoy the summer without the stress of paying off debt in the fall.

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