Sharing Profits

Dec 15, 2020

I remember being an employee in a big business and always wondering what my year end bonus would be and no matter what it turned out to be, it never felt like enough. Never.

I am a big believer in sharing your business profits with intention. We set profit aside and then we decide how to use it. What is your plan for your profit? No matter how big or how small, sharing profit is powerful. Just like all the other monies we earn, profit needs to have a plan to be meaningful. For some clients, profit pays down debt, for some, it is their annual charitable contribution and for some, we share it with our team who help to generate that profit. What is your profit plan?

Our most popular strategy amongst our clients is to share half of their profit with their team every quarter. This is a clear and objective plan that brings the team together to grow profits as everyone benefits. There is no wondering who the business owner likes more or if there will be year end bonuses. The plan is clear and shared with everyone. Now your team never have to wonder what their holiday bonus will be, it is clear and noted.

Are you interested in implementing this for your business? Let us know and we will gladly show you the simple systems we use.

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