Real estate gone wild

Apr 19, 2021

Anyone in the market to buy a home right now? Wow, its wild out there. I am helping my mom buy a condo in Florida and the experience is incredibly crazy. As soon as a condo hits the market, offers come in and its sold within 24 hours. What is going on? Are we not still in the economic doldrums of the Pandemic?

Well it seems that real estate is booming across the country. We are seeing an unusual surge in “seasonal towns” which would have been considered for second homes or vacation home towns. Redfin’s research shows an 84% year over year increase in demand for properties with an average 19% price increase.

Perhaps this is a function of more people being able to work remotely in the long term.Families are opting to move to less crowded parts of the counrty, spend more time outdoors.

If you have a second home or vacation home and you want to free up some cash, it is a sellers market for sure!

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