Play to your Strengths

Oct 15, 2020

Ever hear that expression “play to your strengths?” Well I do believe that the best use of our time is to do what we do best. For many small business owners this is a struggle. There is so much to do in running a business and no one is good at everything. What is the solution?

Have you read or listened to the audible of Profit First by Mike Michalowicz? I found this cash flow methodology book about 3 years ago and it has changed my life. Profit First shows you what you can afford and your first hire should be someone to do the things that you do not do well or do not like to do.

Step 1 is to figure out who you need in your business so that you can focus on your zone of genius and what would that person cost. Then, read and implement Profit First and figure out how close you are to being able to hire help.

Sounds simple? Maybe. We are starting a 12 week group Profit First Implementation crash course in January 2021. If you are ready to take control of your cash, make some choices and move forward in your business, then this is a proven strategy that will take you there. Message me for details.

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