Paying off debt one dollar at a time

Oct 13, 2020

Do you have financial debt that keeps you up at night? I have spoken to so many clients over the last week who have not been paying their taxes because they tell me they are paying off debts first. OK, that seems to make sense but I suggest splitting your cash up and making sure your taxes are paid timely or you will simply be incurring more debt to the government agencies and so the debt cycle continues.

How do we break this cycle? We work together on managing the money in and the money with strategic plans based on your goals. The feeling of just hanging on and paying down debt only to incur more debt is excruciating and there is a better way. You dont have to do this yourself. Ask for help. We can help you figure this out.

As accountants most of our client relationships start with talking about taxes but most morph into much deeper and personal relationships where we help clients with all aspects of their financials lives.

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