Overpaid taxes by $37,000

Oct 6, 2020

Are you still insisting on doing your own bookkeeping?

We are in the middle of unraveling a tax mess for a client who did her own bookkeeping, Her revenue included duplicated invoices and payments so that her taxable income as reflected was 30% more than it should have been. This means she would have paid approximately $37,000 more than she really owed in taxes.

We are just ten days from the 2019 tax filing deadline.

Now we are bringing in our team to clean up the bookkeeping. Any idea what that will cost her in fees? My guess is not much more than if she had just hired a bookkeeper. Unraveling the money trail is much more work than doing monthly clean bookkeeping.

Please, if you do anything to change your business and change your life, hire a professional bookkeeper !


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