More stimulus money……and more questions

Jan 5, 2021

Happy new year………… your bank account on January 4th and see 2nd stimulus money there for you? Maybe, for some. I definitely have clients and friends who received stimulus money as planned on January 4th. The greater majority however are stuck in the cycle of frustration. Checks are being mailed out. Some people will receive debit cards and not checks. When and where will these arrive? Not sure. Sometime in January.

Yes, it is frustrating. You can go to and use their tracker link to try and find your payment but my best advice is to file your 2020 income tax return as soon as possible with your current banking and mailing details on it so that you finally receive not only the 1st but the 2nd stimulus payment as soon as possible.

More questions? Feel free to reach out to us anytime at AboutProfit. We are doing our best to stay current on a daily basis with your money.

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