Money mentor?

Apr 23, 2021

Today is Money Day. I am reading the New York Times and I see so many interest though leaders opinions in the financial space but I dont have a Money Mentor. Someone who’s choices I follow and aspire to. I take small pieces from several money legends. How about you? Do you have a Money Mentor?

There is so much chatter on social media by so many self proclaimed money gurus but when I look a level deeper, I dont find the credibility that gives me any comfort. I read a lot of books and there I do find some great ideas and opinions from people much older and wiser than I am.

What are the characteristics that you look for in a Money Mentor? I look for time, results, tone and credentials. Credentials are not always schooling. Life’s hard knocks can be credentials too. Have they walked the walk or are they all talk?

Let’s be sure that we know who peopel are before we follow their lead.

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