Money Day and Credit

Oct 9, 2020

Friday is Money Day. Today as I sit with my money and think about Angela Bessard’s fabulous presentation at our monthly webinar yesterday about managing your credit, I realize that I have not been actively managing my credit cards. Angela recommends having 3 revolving credit cards and not keeping piles of open cards not being used. Hmnn. So this is the focus of my Money Day today.

Select 3 credit cards to use actively and close down the others. This will reduce my credit score in the short term but I am not planning on buying anything or taking out loans over the next three months so this is a good time to clean up my cards.

Analyze your credit cards. How many do you have ? How many do you use ?

Manage your credit proactively so that when you are ready to buy an asset, you get the best possible deal !

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