Launching a new Product ?

May 20, 2020

Do you have a new revenue stream idea ? A new product to launch ? Before you set about creating your product or service, please invest the time in deep research. Yesterday I worked with a business owner who had created a fabulous course in the mental health space but she had not done her market research. When I asked to see her list of competitors and their offers and pricing, she had none.

This is like putting the cart before the horse. Please don’t spend hours, days, weeks or months creating a product that may not have a ready and willing buying market. Google is a great place to start in doing your research. Also use groups like Facebook to see what your target audience are talking about and looking for. Create a strong case for why your new product and or service will sell before you spend time and energy putting it all together.

Make sense ? Would love to chat with you about how to set about your research.

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