Is it LUCK or HARD work that determine success?

May 14, 2021

We we wrap up tax season 2021, I have been having a lot of conversations with clients about their perceived good fortune. They are making money, a lot of it. So to what do we attribute this good fortune as the world faces the after math of a year long pandemic? Luck? Hard work? Or a combination of both?

I don’t have an easy answer but I do know that our most successful clients work very very smart, not always hard. I believe that is they key to success against all odds. Not luck, Smarts. Making choices and moving forward towards your goals. Hard work for sure and certainly not by lying on the couch watching daytime TV shows.

Similarly, for those clients who have had a difficult year, why is that? The pandemic ofcourse. Well that is the easy answer. We need to look deeper. Did we not have enough cash reserves? Were we not about to make timely shifts in our business? I challenge clients who are struggling to look deeper and see how to make changes.

Make smart choices and don’t wait for your luck to turn. You control the wheel of your fortune!

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