How did your money treat you?

Mar 26, 2021

Or shall I say, how did you treat your money this quarter? With frustration or with integrity or with gratitude? I look forward to my Friday Money Days. They are not always easy in that some Fridays there is not much cash in my bank accounts and those are the ah ha moments but at the end of a month and the end of a quarter, I like to look back at the picture picture and reflect on my choices, make choices for the next quarter.

What are you thinking about as we go into the 2nd quarter of 2021?

I still don’t feel a sense of “normal” so my plan is to continue to be risk averse with my money. Think long and hard about buying “feel good” stuff and focus on more savings. What is your 2nd quarter focus for your money? We need to let our money know what role it needs to play.

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