Frustrated because no one answers the phone at the IRS ? NO more, now the IRS uses QR codes

Oct 12, 2020

Starting this month, IRS notices that inform taxpayers that they owe money on unpaid taxes and their payment options are now equipped with QR bar codes to help those taxpayers securely and easily navigate to the website. Taxpayers can now use their smartphones to scan a QR code to securely access their account and set up a payment plan.

Scanning the QR code will also show the taxpayer their account balance online without the need to call or interact with the IRS directly.

“These codes will give taxpayers immediate access to the most important information for them to pay their balances, set up payment agreements or reach out for help,” said Darren Guillot, the IRS Small Business/Self-Employed Deputy Commissioner for Collection and Operations Support. “We understand there’s a lot of information on the web, and we want to give taxpayers more secure tools that can more easily help them resolve their tax situations.”

The IRS generally sends more than 8 million notices each year to taxpayers.

Will you feel comfortable using this system? Please do be careful as we have had many clients receive letters that look like they are from the IRS but are fraudulent. So, before you click on the QR code, make sure the notice is truly from the IRS by sending it to your accountant for review.

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