Don’t choose debt

Nov 16, 2020

The holidays are coming and the American Marketing Machine is in high gear. I saw a news report yesterday that said that 25% of Americans plan to go into debt this holiday season. Yes, you read that correctly………..they PLAN to go into debt. Wow, that is wild. So people will be buying “stuff” either for themselves or others and knowingly choosing debt. Hmnnn no, I don’t like this plan at all.

I do love credit cards. I love all their free miles and points but I do not believe in wildly buying and knowingly incurring debt, especially during these uncertain times.

So please, before you jump into being the 25%, let’s think about other ways to give this holiday season. How else can you share your joy and love without incurring debt? We are smart and resourceful so we must stay strong and say no to choosing debt.

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