Collaborate in Person?

May 10, 2021

Are you ready to get back to in person collaborations? I have been reading about mastermind groups and small collaborative groups meeting around the country to allow business owners to get back to meeting in person and feeling that sense of community.

Have you stepped back into in-person group meetings yet? I have not but I am eager to. I find myself more discenring however. I am looking really hard at which groups, why, how much and what do I hope to accomplish. How about you? What are your priorities as the business world re-opens to in person meetings?

We have all worked really hard since March 2020 to foster online relationships and build zoom based communities. They work, they do but now that we have the option to step back into a room together, let’s take a moment to pause before we jump in and be really clear about who, where, what and why.

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