Look out for a letter from the IRS

This is a letter you will want to receive! The Internal Revenue Service has started sending letters to more than 36 million American families who, based on tax returns filed with the agency, may be eligible to receive monthly Child Tax Credit payments starting in...

Summer discounts?

Have you booked your summer travel plans? With all this pent up demand from a year of COVID restrictions, we are seeing huge increases in airfares, rental cars and hotel prices. How can we take a summer vacation and not incurr debt? Let’s talk about some...

NO phone for 5 days!

My cell phone died on the Memorial Day weekend. Sounds like a nightmare right?!? I have insurance so my carrier is shipping me a new phone but because of the holiday, it will only arrive mid week. I sat down and cried. Then, I listened. The world is sending me a...


We all make choices everyday. What choices will you make today that will change your life path? Sometimes the smallest or least significant choices make the biggest impact. I keep telling my teenager that HAPPINESS is a choice, to which she responds by rolling her...

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