Business spring break?

Apr 6, 2021

Have you taken a day off yet this spring? I took an entire week off during tax filing season! Yes, it was scary but wow, when I got back to my desk I was refreshed and had a clear mind to focus. I highly recommend you take a “spring break”. It doesnt have to be a week, try one day. Just one day. Turn off your phone, go outside and get some fresh air and I guarantee when you get back to the office you will feel like you had a week off.

I always have a list of to-do’s and they all feel urgent. How can I possibly leave my desk and not be reachable? I used to feel this way until the first time I unplugged for just one day. NOthing drastic happened. My team continued to manage their work and clients waited for me to return. The next time I took 2 days off. I hope to be able to take a month off at some point.

Can you commit to one day?  Get out into the spring sunshine for one day. I challenge you!


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