Yes, donating food is deductible

As we continue to experience the worst pandemic of our generation, we continue to see a great need to share what we have with others. Donating food to a charity is deductible. Please make sure that you keep your receipts from the organization to which you are donating...

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Tighten your wallet, holiday shopping coming early

So it seems the American Marketing Machine has been activated starting with Prime Day for 2 days this week. What are your plans for spending this holiday season? How are we going to stay on our path to our goals? I am concerned, the machine is working hard to entice...

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Play to your Strengths

Ever hear that expression "play to your strengths?" Well I do believe that the best use of our time is to do what we do best. For many small business owners this is a struggle. There is so much to do in running a business and no one is good at everything. What is the...

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Paying off debt one dollar at a time

Do you have financial debt that keeps you up at night? I have spoken to so many clients over the last week who have not been paying their taxes because they tell me they are paying off debts first. OK, that seems to make sense but I suggest splitting your cash up and...

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Money Day and Credit

Friday is Money Day. Today as I sit with my money and think about Angela Bessard's fabulous presentation at our monthly webinar yesterday about managing your credit, I realize that I have not been actively managing my credit cards. Angela recommends having 3 revolving...

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Tax dealine is one week away

The 2019 individual income tax filing deadline is October 15th, just one week away. There is no further extension. This is it. If you have not yet filed your 2019 taxes, I recommend you do that as soon as possible. Most traditional tax firms are probably at capacity...

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Overpaid taxes by $37,000

Are you still insisting on doing your own bookkeeping? We are in the middle of unraveling a tax mess for a client who did her own bookkeeping, Her revenue included duplicated invoices and payments so that her taxable income as reflected was 30% more than it should...

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Reviewed your credit report lately?

When last did you review your credit report? Part of managing your money, is actively and purposefully managing your credit. We receive so many credit related questions from clients so this month we are welcoming Angela Bessard, CEO of Conquer your Credit, to our...

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PPP Forgiveness coming soon

Have you submitted your PPP forgiveness paperwork yet? I have been waiting to see if Congress would waive paperwork and automatically forgive PPP loans that were below $150,000. Now this seems unlikely so time to start gathering documents for submission. The best...

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