Time for team members to make a move

Sometimes the biggest horror is the biggest blessing. I helped a production company implement time sheets to track project profitability. Under the scrutiny, three key employees handed in their notice. Horror!  Yes, maybe. Then comes relief. Time sheets showed these...

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Collaborate in Person?

Are you ready to get back to in person collaborations? I have been reading about mastermind groups and small collaborative groups meeting around the country to allow business owners to get back to meeting in person and feeling that sense of community. Have you stepped...

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Mothers Day gifts don’t have to break the bank!

It is Money Day!  Have you looked at your finances for the week? How are we doing? This weekend is Mothers Day and yes, we all love our moms and want to shower them with the very best BUT let's always be aware of our goals and what our moms truely want. As a mom, I...

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What is next?

How are you doing this 2nd quarter of 2021? Are you working towards your goals or have you had to pivot....again? These are definitely interesting times and we are all being challenged to keep moving forward and then pivot and move and pivot. The key to constant...

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May 17th is quickly approaching – have you paid your taxes?

Don't hide........we need to talk about this. If you owe taxes to the IRS for 2020 but you don't have the cash to pay, all is not lost. Please don't avoid the IRS. That is my very first and probably most important suggestion. An Offer in Compromise may be a solution...

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How much is enough?

Have you ever asked yourself how much money is enough? Yesterday I was working with a new client and we were discussing how much money the owners of the agency wanted to make. This turned out to be a very difficult discussion. The owners were not clear on how much...

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Tax credit and COVID vaccinations

The IRS announced today further details of the tax credit available under the American Rescue Plan to help small businesses to offer paid leave for employees receiving COVID-19 vaccinations. EBusiness owners can receive a tax credit for providing paid time off for...

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Money mentor?

Today is Money Day. I am reading the New York Times and I see so many interest though leaders opinions in the financial space but I dont have a Money Mentor. Someone who's choices I follow and aspire to. I take small pieces from several money legends. How about you?...

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Change is not easy in a business

Change management. Makes you cringe right? There are consultants whose role is to help teams within  a business make changes. Change is a big deal. Some people on your team will embrace change, others are fearful. What changes are you making in your business for 2021?...

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Real estate gone wild

Anyone in the market to buy a home right now? Wow, its wild out there. I am helping my mom buy a condo in Florida and the experience is incredibly crazy. As soon as a condo hits the market, offers come in and its sold within 24 hours. What is going on? Are we not...

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