Are you refunding Customer deposits ?

Have you had clients ask for deposits for services to be refunded ? I had a family event canceled due to Covid-19 stay at home orders here in California and we are not planning on rescheduling. All our vendors refunded our money. Some with a bit of a fight but they...

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More PPP changes coming

Do you have PPP money you are trying to figure out how to spend in 8 weeks ? Well good news, the PPP rules are likely changing. The House is expected to vote next week on the Paycheck Protection Flexibility Act, a bipartisan bill. The bill would make the following...

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Launching a new Product ?

Do you have a new revenue stream idea ? A new product to launch ? Before you set about creating your product or service, please invest the time in deep research. Yesterday I worked with a business owner who had created a fabulous course in the mental health space but...

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Relying on your Home Network for Security ?

Now that most of us have been and will continue to be working from home, I wanted to remind everyone about the security issue of our home networks. Chase Bank put out a fabulous article to their customers where they highlighted some tips and suggested to stay safe...

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Steps Forward for PPP Loan Forgiveness

Good news for small businesses who received PPP monies. The SBA has published the forgiveness paperwork and additional guidance is on the way. There are a lot of forms to complete.Request SBA Form 3508, Paycheck Protection Program Loan Forgiveness Application from...

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Monday Day – new vision boards

Creating vision boards is a big part of how I teach clients to manage their money. Have a vision of what you want your money to do for you. Security ? Independence ? Or cars and yachts ? Yesterday I saw a FB post by Rachel Hollis where she trashed her old vision board...

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Remote working struggles – do you have any of these ?

Remote working is the "new normal" and many businesses do not plan to ever return to traditional office spaces. So what are the biggest struggles in working remotely ? According to a survey done by Fast Company Magazine 22% of remote workers struggle to unplug at the...

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No double dipping on deductions

The IRS issued this notice : Notice 2020-32. To the extent that the CARES Act excludes from gross income the amount of a covered loan that is forgiven, the excluded income is considered a class of exempt income under IRC section 265. Thus, any otherwise allowable...

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Understand your Balance Sheet

Many business owners focus only on the top line of their Profit & Loss statement. How much revenue did we earn this month ? Well revenue is a good place to start but there is so much more information that your monthly financial statements are trying to tell you....

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Monday – commitment day

Friday is Money Day for me and I am going to label Monday as Commitment Day. My commitment for this week is to make "how to" video's for clients. We have "how to" videos for our team but not for our clients and we do find ourselves answering the same questions over...

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