1099s are due by end of January

Business owners, please don't forget your responsibility to issue 1099's to vendors before January 31st. This secures your tax deduction. Each year we get frantic calls from vendors saying they are unable to file their tax returns as they did not receive a 1099 from...

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January cash flow…………………..crunch!

Feeling the weight of holiday spending this month? I know I am. I groaned when I saw my credit card statement due now. Wow those holiday expenses sure add up. What is your plan to get it paid? Have the cash set aside? If not, I recommend taking a deep breath and...

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Do 3 Three Things today

Good morning and welcome to a brand new week! I always love Mondays as they are filled with promise for the week ahead. What 3 things can you do today and everyday? Do 1 thing for yourself Do 1 thing for your family Do 1 thing to move your business forward Just pick...

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Contemplating moving across State lines?

This year will see many more Americans moving across State lines. As we are faced with ongoing pandemic issues, many of my clients are looking to move to less densely populated areas. Many of us are also able to work remotely long term so this means we can live...

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More stimulus money……and more questions

Happy new year..............open your bank account on January 4th and see 2nd stimulus money there for you? Maybe, for some. I definitely have clients and friends who received stimulus money as planned on January 4th. The greater majority however are stuck in the...

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Taxes just got even more complicated!

Exciting times for business owners. Wow. New PPP loans will be available soon and we are still figuring out how to get forgiven for the prior PPP monies! And now Business Meals are 100% deductible. What next?!? If ever there was a time for you to reach out to your...

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John doubled his PROFIT in the last 4 weeks

John is a new client to our firm. He is an engineer and very private so he prefers not be in the spotlight however he did approve me sharing his story with you. When I met John two months ago, he introduced me to his business in the email marketing space. John was...

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What are you going to do differently in 2021?

I think we can all agree that it has been an unpredictable year 2020. We have reached the end and now we are making choices. What choices will you make for 2021? Is there anything you have learned from 2020 that will affect your next year? I see clients who without...

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Take care of yourself first

You know how in an airplane we are always told to put air masks on ourselves first if the plane loses pressure? Well it is the same in your business. We must take care of ourselves so that we can take care of those around us. So many people rely on us as the business...

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