Change is not easy in a business

Change management. Makes you cringe right? There are consultants whose role is to help teams within  a business make changes. Change is a big deal. Some people on your team will embrace change, others are fearful. What changes are you making in your business for 2021?...

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Real estate gone wild

Anyone in the market to buy a home right now? Wow, its wild out there. I am helping my mom buy a condo in Florida and the experience is incredibly crazy. As soon as a condo hits the market, offers come in and its sold within 24 hours. What is going on? Are we not...

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Yours Mine and Ours

How do you and your partner split your finances? Ally Bank recently surveyed consumers about how they approach finances with their partners and they found that 46% choose to fully combine their finances. I prefer to have a yours mine and ours account so that I have...

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Who is moving where?

According to United Van Lines, Americans are still on the move in 2021. Taxes remain a driving factor, along with quality of life, work opportunities and family. Most states with the highest percentage of outbound moves had above-average tax rates : New...

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Are you Planning a Summer Vacation for 2021?

According to Kiplingers, 34% of Americans plan on taking a vacation this summer but planning to drive to their destination. This explains why it took me weeks to secure an RV for a summer roadtrip! Apparantly RV vacations remain very popular. What are you planning for...

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Share your money fears?

Where can you share your money fears? With your spouse? I meet so many people who feel so alone when it comes to sharing their money, about their financial security. Is this you? Here at AboutProfit we are creating a safe place for you to share your money worries,...

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Pricing discussions continue

I feel like we spend so much time talking about pricing. This is not a one and done discussion. Pricing of your product or service evolves over time as you and your business evolve. So do you have a system or a plan to address your pricing? I recommend a quarterly...

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Business spring break?

Have you taken a day off yet this spring? I took an entire week off during tax filing season! Yes, it was scary but wow, when I got back to my desk I was refreshed and had a clear mind to focus. I highly recommend you take a "spring break". It doesnt have to be a...

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How did your money treat you?

Or shall I say, how did you treat your money this quarter? With frustration or with integrity or with gratitude? I look forward to my Friday Money Days. They are not always easy in that some Fridays there is not much cash in my bank accounts and those are the ah ha...

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Why a Franchise?

Interested in leaving corporate America and setting out on the path of entrepreneurship? Consider a Franchise. Buying a Franchise short cuts the start up phase of a business in that the business is already proven to work. Now you take their instructions and run with...

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