Relieved – Unemployment benefits extended

Are you relieved to see that President Trump signed an executive order over the weekend which extended the additional unemployment benefits ? Well sadly no relief yet ! It looks like the details of what he signed are coming out today and are not quite as simple as...

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Money Day Friday

What are your plans for Money Day ? We launched our Never Budget Again community yesterday with great success. I am so excited to work together with this community to achieve financial success. Why discuss financial success now ? If we can see our goals within a...

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How are you managing your schedule ?

I have been reading a lot of posts lately about how much more time and longer hours we are all working now that we live in our office. Is this something you are experiencing ? I have always had a home office and so I have learned to "close the door". I use a color...

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Time to set you money goals for the balance of 2020

What do you want your money to do for you between now and year end ? I was just reading a Dave Ramsey article about budgeting during these difficult times. As you know, I just cannot do it and I especially cannot do it under these stressful conditions but I CAN make a...

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Waiting for the next Small Business Stimulus Package ?

Anyone waiting to see what the next round of Small Business Stimulus Package will be ? Yes ! However, please don't let this update keep you stuck. We must move forward in our businesses without waiting for these funds. If we need to make changes, we need to do that...

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I took a vacation !

I am back at my desk today after two week road trip with my family. Two weeks without email !  I feel grateful, rested and calm. My team did an amazing job of managing our client needs in my absence and YES, the business and the world continued without me responding...

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Where does your money live ?

I know that opening new bank accounts is like finding a new dentist or doctor, it is never fun but please don't let your money sit in a checking account earning nothing. Show your money some care and love. Opening online money market accounts with online banks like...

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An example of business re imagined

Have you ever applied for a mortgage or a home refinance ? What a frustrating experience. Today I was told the mortgage company I use is experiencing 4 to 5 week delays in approving refinances. Wow. I don't think my business would survive if I told clients I would get...

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Never Budget Again

I am thrilled to see my book go live on Amazon today. Never Budget Again. I tried budgeting for so many years. I tried all the systems I could find and I could never make it work. The more money I made, the more money I spent. I realized that I live in the mindset of...

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2019 Personal tax returns due tomorrow !

Yes, there is one more extension available BUT you must file for that extension before July 15th. This is an extension to file and NOT an extension to pay. All 2019 personal income taxes are due in full TOMORROW. I know, it does not seem to make sense but it is tax...

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