Kindness in the Professional Space

Do you see kindness in your professional world? I don't see enough of it. I find myself having to remind adults to be kind. Treat others with kindness. We always hear about respect and integrity in our business but I believe we also need to remind each other about...

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Being a Business Owner is Lonely

Anyone else feel as though you are all alone in this? As much as being a business owner is exciting, it can also feel isolating and family and friends who have 9 to 5 jobs cannot understand how we feel. I have found mastermind groups to be invaluable in creating a...

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Money Day Updates

Did you touch your money today? What feedback did you receive? For me the 3rd week of the month is a week of reflection as I don't have any bills due this week. The majority of my bills are paid in week 4 so this week I take the time to reflect on the cash balance, my...

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More credits and grants coming

While the next Stimulus Package is held up in Congress, there are other solutions available to you. The Employee Retention Credit is available for 2020 and 2021 and is $19,000 per employee. So, if you have employees and your revenue was down 50% or more or you were...

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Do you have copies?

Over the last week I have met with so many people who don't have copies on hand of their important documents - tax returns, wills, bank statements. It is your responsibility to keep copies of your documents. You cannot rely on your accountant or lawyer or bank to keep...

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The IRS has opened for 2020 filing

Yes the IRS has officially opened for 2020 income tax filings. Most of our clients are however not yet able to file as most of the more complicated business forms for 2020 are not yet finalized and cannot be filed. So if your personal tax return is simple, go ahead...

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Every refund counts!

Am I the only person who gets very very very excited when I get a refund check in the mail? Any kind of refund and no matter how big or small, I jump with glee. Found money. The world is sending me money!  Today I got TWO checks in the mail. $22 for an insurance...

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Buying Land?

With interest rates continuing to be low and with Americans on the move between States, we are continuing to have conversations with our clients about buying land, homes and buildings or renting and wait out the next few months. What is your plan? Mark Twain said "Buy...

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IRS gives the Self Employed COVID 19 tax credits

Good news for those who are self employed (Schedule C tax filers) - The Internal Revenue Service announced today that a new form is available for eligible self-employed individuals to claim sick and family leave tax credits under the Families First Coronavirus...

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Who needs an accountant to prepare their tax returns?

And the answer is....................not everyone!  If you have a job where taxes are withheld from your paycheck, if you own your home and have a spouse and kids with some cash invested in the market or any one or two of these situations then you likely do not need...

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