2019 Personal tax returns due tomorrow !

Jul 14, 2020

Yes, there is one more extension available BUT you must file for that extension before July 15th. This is an extension to file and NOT an extension to pay. All 2019 personal income taxes are due in full TOMORROW. I know, it does not seem to make sense but it is tax law.

The Internal Revenue Service today reminded taxpayers with a filing requirement to file an accurate tax return on time even if a balance due can’t be paid in full, to avoid a non filing penalty.

Payments can be made online at www.irs.gov or if you are not able to pay, you can apply for an Online Payment Agreement on the website.

Please don’t avoid tomorrow. It won’t go away. I recommend taking a deep breath, saying “yes I can” and file your taxes, pay your taxes, or apply for a payment plan. Then you will be free to move on and tackle 2020 challenges.

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