10 months down, 2 to go

Oct 30, 2020

Only 2 months left in 2020. Have you achieved any of your 2020 goals? I know COVID and lockdowns changed our lives forever but beyond that, how close are you to achieving your 2020 goals? It is not too late. We have 8 weeks to move forward. make changes.

I met with a new client yesterday and he was explaining to me his 3 streams of revenue. No, make that 4. None are wildly successful. I recommended that he pick one, just one and make that successful before attending to the other 3. His response was “I listen to podcasts and they all take about streams of revenue”. Ahhh, the danger of populisms.

Yes, many streams of revenue are wonderful but we build one success upon another success. These experts sharing their multiple streams stories all started with one very successful business that then fueled the others.

I believe the same is true for our personal goals. Rather than having a list of 100 goals for the year, I recommend we pick one. Just one. Focus on it. Make it part of your daily thoughts. One goal at a time. One successful business at a time.


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